Unlike Spiderman or Batman and his sidekick Robin, Happy dryer makes the city safer by cleaning and repairing dryer and dryer vents. HAPPY DRYER is committed to providing you with the best dryer and dryer vent cleaning service. We approach every project with a focus on aesthetics, functionality, cost, and customer satisfaction.

Why Happy Dryer?

  1. We concentrate on the client and their needs. All of our technicians are trained and had background checks. We understand what it means to have someone you can trust working in your home.
  2. You will get honest advice on your appliance, our technician will give you safe vent cleaning services. If your vent does not need cleaning, we will let you know. And our inspections are always free.
  3. We pay our employees more than most dryer vent cleaning companies to maintain the best techs.
  4. There are a few dryer vent cleaning companies whose interest is not your dryer vent. They try to sell you things or offer you other services you don’t need. We don’t hire salesmen just hard working techs who like to clean your vent and move on to save the next customer.