washing pink clothesGetting a washing machine of your choice is easy; however, knowing which cycle to use when you wash your clothes is not easy. Today, most modern washers come with umpteen number features and it is difficult to decide which feature best suits your requirement.

Top-loading and front-loading machines may have vastly different features but they have similar wash cycles. Here are some features of wash cycles that are commonly found in these machines.

A Few Basics

Before we get into the details of which cycle is best for you, you must know a few basic details of washer cycles. The washing cycle tumbles or agitates the clothes at a certain speed and the spins the water out of your clothes at a certain speed. The speed of the spin and wash cycle is usually displayed on the home appliance. For instance, if you have slow/fast cycle, it means that the machine will agitate slowly and has a fast spin cycle.

Apart from the speed of wash and spin cycle, you must also select the right detergent and water temperature, when using the washer.

Normal Cycle

The normal cycle will take the longest time to complete and will have the maximum number of agitations. This cycle is suited for dirty, sweaty, and soiled clothes. The house appliance will spend about 10 to 15 minutes to complete the wash cycle. However, if you choose the fast/fast option, the cycle will be completed in less than 10 minutes. This cycle should ideally be used to clean linens, towels, beddings, jeans, and cottons.washing machine spinning

Permanent Press Cycle

Most of you must have heard about this cycle but may not know how to use it. This cycle is ideal for synthetic fibers such as knits, rayons, acetates, and polyester. These fabrics require the agitation of the normal cycle but the tub should spin slowly to prevent wrinkling. The cycle could last between 8 to 12 minutes and uses the fast/slow combination. The slow spin does not remove much water from the clothes, which prevents winkling.

Delicate Cycle

This cycle is not designed keeping a specific fabric in mind. Delicate cycle can be used for almost all types of fabrics, as it does not damage the clothes. It uses a slow/slow combination, which essentially means that both spin and agitation cycle. The time taken to complete the cycle is anywhere between 5 to 8 minutes. Since it uses the slow/slow cycle, the abrasion and agitation is minimal, which reduces the risk of clothes damage during washing and rinsing.

The delicate wash is extremely useful for fabrics that require minimal agitation. A few examples of clothes that require gentle wash include woolen clothes, lingerie, baby blankets, and loosely woven items.

Special Cycles 

Some household appliances come with special cycles that can be used to address a problem with your clothes. For instance, you can use steam treatment to get rid of tomato or ink stains from the clothes. Some other features you can find in modern washers include pre-soaking, longer agitation time, boosting water temperature, and predetermining washing and rinsing time.

Final Thoughts

When getting a washer for residential use, it is best to get a machine with minimal features. If you get a machine with several modern features, it will increase the washing machine repair cost when the appliance breaks down. Also, identifying the problem with machine that has minimal features is much easier when compared to machines with several advanced features. Before selecting a technician for your appliance repair needs, make sure the washer and Dryer Repair West Palm Beach can repair the brand and model you have.