When buying a new appliance, most people don’t consider the expected life span of the home appliance. Most people are just worried about the functionality and the look of the appliance. In a study, it was found that the average life of a household appliance is about 12 years. This means that the prospect of calling an appliance repair expert in foreseeable future is bleak – at least when you buy a brand new appliance. However, everyone is aware of the fact that residential appliance repair Lighthouse Point is an inseparable part of appliance ownership. Even though people are aware of this fact, most people try to postpone this expense. If you buy a good quality appliance that does not have manufacturing defects, you can use it for several years when maintained properly.

Although some appliances can last for more than 12 years, there are several factors that can affect your need to call an appliance repair expert. For instance, families that use their washer on daily basis are likely to wear out the parts faster than those who use the washing machine occasionally. While the lifespan of the appliance is about 10 to 12 years, you will have to get help from a washer technician to maintain the appliance. You may have to call the washer and dryer repair technician at least twice a year to keep the machine in immaculate condition.

Good quality refrigerators can last for more than 13 years. However, since they work for 24-hours in a day, you are likely to use the services of fridge repairman at some point. Even if you face a simple problem such as excessive or uneven cooling, calling a refrigerator repair technician could be the only way of solving the problem. Delaying this process is not an option as spoiled food will not only increase your expenses but will also affect your health and the health of the family members. Like any other house appliance, the problem or the symptoms of the problem are usually obvious. When you notice reduce performance, unusual sound, or any other major malfunction in the machine, it is probably time to call a reputed appliance repair Charleston company.

If you have a dryer in your house, you can expect it to last for about 12 years. However, this period can get reduced if you use the machine daily. When you face a problem with the machine, it is best to get help from an experienced dryer service technician. The technician will visit your place to repair or service the machine at your convenience.

If you suspect that you are on borrowed time with your household appliances, it depends on several factors, including how well you maintain the appliances, frequency of use, and lots of luck. According to a study, the oven you use in the kitchen typically last for 9 years. Beyond this period, you may have to deal with oven repair issues. The life expectancy of other appliances such as electric range is about 13 years, gas range is 15 tears, and dishwasher is 9 years. However, this period can vary depending on how you use and maintain the appliance.