Like any home appliance, it is inevitable that at some time your dryer will be in need of some repair. But before you call in the experts, check if any of these three simple do-it-yourself repairs may solve the problem:


1. No Power

First and foremost, check if the dryer is plugged in and that there is power to the unit. Switch the dryer on – there should be a light somewhere that will let you know whether power is reaching the appliance. Check the wire to see if there is any damage as well as the plug to ensure there are no loose wires.

The door should be locked in place and the control switch activated. These are all simple repairs that don’t require an expert.

2. Strange Noise

Your dryer can sometimes produce strange noise. The key to solving this issue is to identify the source of the sound. Check the inside of your dryer, especially the drive belt, rollers and bearing. These parts are the most common sources of noise.

If you notice that the parts of your dryer have developed a tear, replacing the problem parts is the best way to resolve the problem. However, if the parts are undamaged, making sure that they are secured in their proper places and are not loose can also solve this issue.

3. No Tumbling

A dryer that has been used for years within a household develops a tear in the drive belt. The condition of this belt is the most common cause for your dryer not to tumble properly.

If the drive belt appears to be fine, other parts such as the drive motor, pulley, and drive motor also need to be checked. These parts can be easily replaced by following the maintenance manual for your dryer model.

Always remember to turn the water and power supply to the dryer off before attempting to make any repairs.